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Ask Vegan Company To Remember Rabbit Lives Matter, too!

Join us in asking the company "Vegan Cuts" to honor their mission statement of supporting a vegan lifestyle and extending compassion for ALL animals. "Vegancuts" is donating sales proceeds to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, that participates in the breeding and killing of domestic rabbits. Other rabbit rescue groups confirmed that Big Cat rescue has questionable and cruel practices with rabbits and rats being fed live or frozen to the cats. Petition For a "vegan" company there are literally THOUSANDS of ways to support nonprofits that don't harm any animals. Read responses from the company...


Watch this heartwarming story of 12 young rabbits from an animal testing laboratory get the chance to see sunshine, breathe fresh air and have the chance to relax---for the very first time in their lives. Watch for the binky and the flop. Follow their journey of a second chance at life. Donations for spays, toys and veterinary care greatly appreciated! Metal ear tags will be removed under anesthesia during spays. Please note on paypal which bunny (or bunnies) you'd like to sponsor.


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