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Rabbit Fur Ban AB 44

MAY 29, 2019

Rescue bun Kelly Slater has a reason to be excited as AB44 passed the California Assembly floor vote with NO EXCLUSION FOR RABBIT FUR yesterday afternoon. He and SaveABunny Executive Director/District 10 constituent Marcy Berman personally visited Assemblyman Marc Levine’s office before the vote to discuss the bill and Levine’s rabbit exclusion request. Levine ended up voting YES without any mention of excluding rabbits.

The bill will now move on to the three Senate Committees on Natural Resources & Water, Judiciary and Appropriations before going to a full Senate vote. While an amendment is still possible, the chances are getting slimmer with every vote, especially if we keep the pressure on through social media, emails and phone calls.

Please continue to sign/share the petition (it will make sure the Senate Committee Chairs get notifications) and contact your Senator and ask them to support AB44 unamended. See SaveABunny's support letter here.

Follow this link to find your Senator: California Senate members

Follow these links to find out if your Senator is on one of the three Committees or send a position letter to the Committee:

The bill passed in the full Assembly with 52 out of 80 votes. If you want to know where your Assembly member stands, here is the link: How Did My Representative Vote?

If you are interested in adopting Kelly Slater and live in California go to Kelly Slater or the face of the petition, a VERY sweet special needs girl Tam

MAY 22, 2019

Last Thursday, AB44 passed the Committee on Appropriations' vote UNAMENDED. This is good news and means that the bill will go to the full Assembly WITHOUT ANY RABBIT EXCLUSION!

We are convinced this outcome is the result of our joined efforts. Thank you for signing and sharing the petition, and for all your phone calls and emails. The bill still has ways to go before ending up on the Governor's desk, and unfortunately there is still the possibility for an amendment. While being somewhat optimistic that no revisions will occur in the Senate, we cannot let our guard down and must continue to advocate not only for the passage of the bill, but to make sure ALL RABBITS REMAIN PROTECTED!

So, what’s next? The California State Assembly has 80 Members. We are asking you to contact your District Representative if you live in California. Please be polite, inquire about their official position on the bill, and ask them to SUPPORT AB44 WITHOUT ANY RABBIT EXCLUSION. You can do this by phone or by email.

Here is a link to the full list with contact information for each, as well as a search option that allows you to find your Legislator by your address: Find Your Legislator

We also need people to focus on social media. You don’t have to live in California to tweet, message, or Facebook post any or all of the 80 Assemblymembers. On each Members home page (see link above) you can find their social media accounts. Again, be polite and ask them to support AB44 without any rabbit exclusion.

You can also include a link to the petition

Here is the link to the bill where you can check on status, history, previous votes and sign up to track the bill: Check Status and Track Bill

IMPORTANT The following Members have previously voted NO to the ban on fur bill AB44 in the Committees on Water, Parks and Wildlife, Judiciary and Appropriations. These lawmakers voted Pro-Fur: Bigelow (R), Choi (R), Dahle (R), Gallagher (R), Obernolte (R), Brough (R), Diep (R) and Fong (R) Here is the link if you would like to contact the California Republican Party to ask them to vote to help, not harm animals. Ask them to vote yes to AB44 and to include rabbits.

The following Members have previously voted YES on the fur ban bill in the Committees on Water, Parks and Wildlife, Judiciary and Appropriations: Chu (D), Friedman (D), Cristina Garcia (D), Eduardo Garcia (D), Gloria (D), Kalra (D), Levine (D), Blanca Rubio (D), Salas (D), Wood (D), Chau (D), Chiu (D), Gonzalez (D), Holden (D), Maienschein (D), Petrie-Norris (D), Reyes (D), Mark Stone (D), Bloom (D), Bonta (D), Calderon (D), Carrillo (D), Eggman (D), Gabriel (D), Petrie-Norris (D), Quirk (D), Robert Rivas (D). Here is the link to contact the California Democratic Party to thank them for standing firm for the animals and INCLUDING rabbits in AB44. Please ask them to continue to do.

California has proposed a bill (AB 44) to ban the sale of fur statewide. Some politicians and rabbit meat farmer(s) want to EXCLUDE rabbit fur from the ban. They want to sell the pelts of the rabbits they are breeding and slaughtering for meat.

If rabbit fur is excluded from the ban, millions of new rabbits will be raised and slaughtered for their fur. While rabbits, especially Rex rabbits, suffer immense cruelty and then death, an elite handful of rabbit meat farmers make a lot of money. It becomes a monopoly on fur in California to a luxury market.

The next step is to sign this petition, which is being sent to the bill's author and sponsors. They MUST hear from as many people as possible right now that rabbits deserve protection too! Ask them to NOT EXCLUDE rabbits from the ban on fur.

Meat and fur rabbits are the exact same breeds as house rabbits. They are babies who live short and painful lives crowded into wire cages that pierce and infect their feet - the rabbit equivalent of veal crates. This abuse is green-washed as sustainable or organic. That's marketing, not common sense, and certainly not the truth. Meat and fur rabbits are taken from their mothers and killed while just a few months old. This creates more tender meat (just like milk-fed veal) to supply high-end restaurants with a novelty food. The mothers are force bred until they are used up and spent, then killed and discarded.

Why would California want to increase animal suffering by excluding rabbit fur from the ban? It’s either a ban on fur or it’s not. Please don’t dismiss this as an animal rights issue. It’s a human issue too.

Why does a small elite group of rabbit farmer(s) wield so much power? Is it a wishful romanticized notion of the family farmer? It’s agri-business and the factory farming of rabbits in stressful, inhumane conditions. Rabbits and small grassroots groups like ours are the underdog and we need your help and support.

Please sign the petition right now. It is incredibly urgent to save rabbit lives and keep them protected along with other animals in California.

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