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Phoenix's 10+ Birthday Party

Event Date: 
Nov 10 2013 -
4:00pm to 7:00pm

You're Invited To A Special Celebration
Phoenix's 10th Birthday Party

He is an amazing rabbit!

This story has a happy ending. Please read...
October 2, 2005 Phoenix came to SaveABunny for emergency medical rescue. He'd been soaked in lighter fluid, set on fire and ultimately lost his ears. He had cigarette burns down his back. We estimated he was 2-3 years old.
He wasn't expected to survive.

We celebrate the "birthday" of this strong, brave rabbit. Phoenix is now in his golden years (we estimate 10-11 years old). He's found love and peace.

We'd love for you to join the celebration
Sunday, November 10th

SaveABunny, Mill Valley
(rsvp for directions)
Suggested donation $10*

There will be great food and drinks, lots of shopping for you and bunny and nice, friendly people.
*This party is a fundraiser for our medical bunnies and the launch of the "Phoenix Fund." A special fund we'd like to build for our medical rescues, like Phoenix. Please RSVP here

If you are unable to attend,but would like to make a donation we'd be grateful for your compassion and support.
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