Status: Adopted
Location: SaveABunny

Hi. My name is Jules. I am a very large (15+ pound), handsome, French lop who has been given a new start in life. I am a distinguished, older gentleman. I had almost given up on life completely and doubted that people could be kind and loving to me.

I was brought into the Monterey animal shelter in very bad shape. I was extremely emaciated, malnourished, dehydrated and covered in fleas. I was anemic from all the flea bites and my poor little feet were abscessed and very painful. I was so weak and so depressed,I could barely lift my head.

Thanks to an 11th hour cooperative rescue effort with Santa Cruz based Heather at The Rabbit Haven and SaveABunny, I am now safe and my wounds---physical, emotional and spiritual are being given a chance to heal.

In just a few weeks, I have come a LONG way. I have gained weight, my feet are now clean and more comfortable and I am feeling much happier and loved. I even snuggle up on the sofa and REALLY like having my head rubbed. I am a REALLY big rabbit, so petting my head is almost like petting a small dwarf rabbit!

Here's a picture of me exploring on the sofa and also a picture of me next to a recently rescued baby bunny. It's still hard to really see how large and handsome I am! My medical care wil be expensive. If you would like to donate or help to sponsor me, I would be VERY grateful!

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