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Baby Lops

Baby Lops

These incredibly cute baby lop bunnies are part of a large-scale rescue we have been working on in the San Jose area along with The Rabbit Haven and the San Jose City shelter.

These babies are part of a large group of rabbits living underneath an apartment complex left behind by a careless hobby breeder. These little angels were dirty, malnourished and needed TLC. Some of their brothers and sisters have already found permanent homes or foster homes. These four bunnies need a safe and secure foster home for two to three weeks and then they will be made available for adoption to homes that agree to spay and neuter when they are old enough.

The white lop with the speckled ears is about 3 months old. She is shy, but sweet, and very pretty.

The little black lops are both boys. They are only about 5 weeks old and need special care until they are older.

The little harlequin helicopter lop is also a boy. What a cutie!

These bunnies really like to snuggle together. Would you consider adopting them as a group or in pairs, so they can always have a bunny friend?

They won't love you less if they have a friend. You'll have two bunnies to love you!