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Hi. My name is Sunshine. I was named by several volunteers who met me when I first arrived. They quickly fell in love with how gentle, tender and sweet I was despite a rough start. I'll tell you about that in just a moment. But first, I really want to tell you about my yunny kids. I am very proud of them!

My kits are Winnie, Sugarfoot, Lefty, Miss Chiff, and Bouncer, my adoptive boy. I love them all equally.
People say we are an especially gentle, friendly and loving family of bunnies. We are real survivors.

I was rescued from a South Bay shelter in bad condition. I was filthy, nearly starving and very pregnant. I was scheduled to be euthanized, but was able to go to SaveABunny for rescue at the eleventh hour.

There were complications with the birth of the babies and not all of them survived. I barely had the strength and resources to care for myself. There were four surviving babies out of nine. Then, on our way home from the animal hospital, we were involved in a a car accident and had to be taken back to the hospital. In the commotion, little Winnie was separated from me and accidentally put in with another rabbit at the hospital. Luckily, she was OK!

Later that day we came back to the security and peacefulness of our foster home at SaveABunny. Because I had been in distress at the shelter, I had not had a chance to pull fur to make a proper nest for my babies. So,
my babies were given a soft nest box to lie in filled with a special artificial nesting material made for baby animals.

Over the next few days, with good food and TLC, I started to feel better and pulled my own fur to line the nest.
It was just in time!

A few days after we arrived when the babies were just a few days old, Baby Lefty got his front left paw tangled in the artificial nesting. It injured his leg so that he now has a club foot. All the artificial bedding was thrown out and now I had pulled enough of my own fur to make a wonderful, soft, comfy place for my kids to grow and thrive.

I love being a bunny mother! I am very patient and tender with my babies and always allowed them to nurse as much as they liked. I have taken wonderful care of them and we are all now happy, healthy and love each other.

I love being a bunny Mom so much that when a tiny orphaned baby boy bunny needed my help to survive, I accepted him as one of my own. The circumstances are still somewhat of a mystery, but a Good Samaritan says she found Baby Bouncer outside in the bushes. He was only a few days old when he arrived at SaveABunny. He was tiny, his eyes were closed and he as not able to be bottle fed. Without a real bunny Mom to nurse him, he would have surely died within a day.

I took in Baby Bouncer as if he were one of my own and nursed him, groomed him, protected him and snuggled him. He has grown and thrived with the rest of my bunny kids. I think he is especially close to me for some reason. Maybe he knows that without me he might not have made it.

We all love each other very much and enjoy living with other rabbits. I would like to live with another bunny, so perhaps you would consider adopting me along with one of my children, or as a companion to your rabbit.

Thank for listening to my story. I feel very blessed and grateful.