Status: Adopted
Location: SaveABunny

Hi.My name is Charlie. I am such a little cutie, and a really nice bunny also! I am a very friendly, neutered Holland lop boy who is always happy to see people and get lots of attention.

I'm an outgoing, easy to be with sort of guy and I'd be a good companion for either new bunny guardians or experienced. When I first came to SaveABunny, my teeth had some issues and I needed to have my molars trimmed. My front teeth are fine, but whoever adopts me, should be willing to have my back teeth checked once or twice a year, just to make sure they are still ok. It's not a big deal to do this, but I am an honest, up front kind of guy and I want you to know everything about me, before you adopt me. I'm a sweet, adorable guy with lots of love to share.

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