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Jun 28 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

Update 6/30/07
Wow! WOW!
I've only been home 24 hours and Anastasia has been so happy I'm here, she let me be on (previously "her") the porch with her all day! It is huge! I can choose to go inside or out and I do! I know where my food and extra inside litter box are and I RUN for them sometimes.

I run all over, Anastasia just lies in one spot under the chair and doesn't even flinch when I run right at her! I haven't humped her at all. Not that she isn't hot, she is! Just that we are really settling in as a couple, and as a family.

I think my mom is finally really getting how very smart I am. She's talking to me about my really pronouncedly featured face and my wide range of obvious expressions!

Thank you for helping me bond so well! Anastasia is a total babe. I'm sitting next to her right as I dictate this to my mom . Thank you for saving my life! Thank you for believing I would get a forever home even though it took some time to find the right girl.

Blue Eyed (mostly) And (totally) In Love,

UPDATE 6/28/07

I am so happy! I just found my forever home and the love of my life Anastasia--a big, beautiful girl with a gentle spirit and quiet, loving way. Anastasia was rescued from becoming a meat rabbit. I can't imagine my life without her.
Hi! My name is Bongo. I am a handsome, young, very active, outgoing and energetic neutered Dutch boy who is looking for a loving, indoor home where I can run, play and explore.

I have just the right mix of sweetness and spunk to make you smile and keep you entertained. I certainly like to be busy and you won't find me sitting still for long. While I'm not a "cuddle-bunny", I do really enjoy getting a lot of attention and being with people. I'm a great choice for someone who loves bunnies just as they are---spirited, adorable, naughty, fun, sweet and opinionated.
Please come meet me soon!