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Betty Bunny


Hello! My name is Betty Bunny.
I am a very sweet and pretty mocha colored, young spayed girl. I am having fun playing with the photo props! Can't you tell?

In addition to being feminine and pretty, I LOVE to snuggle and give bunny kisses! My foster mom likes to curl up on the sofa with me and watch TV. It feels great to be loved and I can do that for hours with her.
I would really like to be adopted to a home where I will be pampered and will also have indoors room to run and play.

I just found my forever home!

NOTE: In early July 2006, Betty underwent emergency exploratory surgery this past week, which showed that her intestines had become tangled and fused from scar tissue. Her condition--- if left untreated would have quickly become fatal. She was unable to eliminate waste and had stopped eating and drinking. She was in extreme pain. The surgery was a long shot to save her life, and the prognosis was very grim.

The surgery was successful and Dr. Kim and Dr. Harvey at VCA hospital in Oakland were able to remove some of the scar tissue without re-sectioning Betty's intestines, which is almost never successful.

Betty is doing great and is now ready for adoption to a fabulous home!Her surgery cost $1600 with our rescue discount. If you would like to help us with Betty's expenses, we would be very grateful. Donations allow us to continue our rescue work for those bunnies who have no other options and would be put down.

To make a donation towards Betty's medical expenses you can do so via Paypal on our website or by snail mail to:
SaveABunny-SF Marin House Rabbit Society
P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94942