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Oct 18 2006

April 4 2007 Photo Update

Comet and Blossom spooning. Cuuuuute.

Captain Cometbunny cleans his ears after a long day of hopping and eating hay.

Feb 26 2007 Photo Update

Cometbunny (aka "The Sneak") and Blossom scheming behind the TV.
"Is it Bunday?" Blossom asks. "It is definitely Bunday," replies Comet.

Feb 5 2007 Photo and Video Update!

Comet Sprints!

Comet loves Blossom

Jan 5 2007 Photo Update!

Original Post

Hi! My name is Comet. I am a tiny, super-cute, very friendly and active, neutered, young dwarf boy.

I used to have a very bad "malocclusion", which meant my teeth did not line up properly. They quickly got overgrown, which was uncomfortable and made it difficult for me to eat or groom myself. Consequently, I needed to have my front teeth removed.

I am an incredibly cute and sweet little boy. I don't have any medical issues anymore and can eat almost just like any other rabbit. However, I do need certain foods cut up in small pieces or shredded,like carrots. The plus side is that I can't chew your electric cords! So, if you are looking for an incredibly sweet and loving bunny, that's me. Did I mention that I'm also super- cute?!

Because of the cost for my surgery, my adoption fee is higher than usual at $250. This will help SaveABunny rescue and pay for other bunnies who may also need surgery. This saves more lives!

I just found my forever home with Blossom!