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A212428 and A212430

A212428 and A212430

These handsome, neutered boy bunnies are still settling in and learning that life can be safe and good. These bunnies and their brother, A212430 (also now neutered), were seized in a neglect case where they had been living in filthy conditions and fed only moldy raw hamburger (rabbits are herbivores)and rotted fruits and veggies.

These brave boys were frightened and caked with soil and waste, yet they were still willing to trust humane officers who came to their aid.

These precious boys have been bathed, fed good food and are now available to loving indoor homes where they be treasured members of the family. They love to be talked with, stroked lightly on their ears and forehead, and munch on fresh timothy hay and veggies.

These boys have been through a lot and are now ready for you to give them a life of love and safety. To make their situation even more challenging is that their chances of adoption are slimmer than many other bunnies.
Not only are they quiet and a bit shy, but they are big white bunnies with pink eyes. Why would that matter? It shouldn't, but unfortunately, no matter how much we try to educate people that it is best to adopt a bunny based on personality and fit with their family, many people are very focused on a specific look for a bunny that they think is "cute", like a dwarf or lop-eared bunny.

What's sad is that not only do many people miss out on meeting and falling in love with some of the most fabulous bunnies, but the bunnies suffer. The reality is that shelters get over crowded. While euthanasia, "putting an animal to sleep", is the very last option, there is just not enough room and resources. The white bunnies with pink eyes at most shelters, are the most frequently euthanized, because people just won't give them a chance.
It's very sad and not necessary.

So, if you are looking to adopt a bunny, please keep your mind and options open to include all bunnies. It's a win-win for all!

To meet these bunnies, please visit San Francisco Animal Care and Control at 1200 Harrison Street at 15th Street. You'll need to bring their ID numbers to meet them. 415-554-6364