Status: Adopted on Oct 8 2006
Location: SaveABunny

Hi! Here I am with my handsome Hus-bun, Pete!
My name is Mystery, because I am a bit of a challenge to decipher. At first I seem cage protective and bit cranky, but all I really want is your love. You just have to be a rabbit expert to know what I am saying and asking for from you.

I'm such a very pretty, spayed gray and white Dutch mix girl that I am a pleasure to look at. My human guardian surrendered me to the shelter and now I am frightened and having a hard time adjusting. I just need a patient, loving person to recognize that I am acting out and only need patience and a loving touch. I will blossom in a home with lots of love and attention.

I just found my forever home and hus-bun!

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