Status: Adopted
Location: SaveABunny

Hi There! My name is Bodi.
I am a very gentle, loving and snuggly, neutered boy. I am very calm and easy- to- handle and am just incredibly grateful to be loved. I'm a true delight.

The reason I am listed as a special needs bunny is that I have a blocked tear duct in my eye that may or may not ever completely clear up. Right now I am receiving eye drops and antibiotics, because the tear duct has a mild infection. I also have my tear duct flushed several times a week by my foster mom. It's not really a big deal and only takes a few minutes, but for new bunny guardians, or anyone squeamish with eye discharge, they might not be comfortable with doing my treatment.

I am such a tolerate and good patient, that I'm actually quite easy to medicate and then when I get my papaya treat as a reward, wait til you see how excited I get! Everyone thinks it's ADORABLE!

I am a real treasure and I just found my forever home!

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