Status: Adopted on Aug 18 2007
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services., Napa County Animal Services
Location: SaveABunny

UPDATE 8/18/07
We found our forever home with Catherine who originally rescued Newman!
Hi. My name is Newman. I was named after the actor, Paul Newman, by Napa County animal shelter volunteers who were mesmerized by my stunning blue eyes.

I am a quirky, little, neutered, mini-rex boy with loads of personality and idiosyncrasies. Some people might say that I am a bit neurotic and fussy. Other people say that I sort of look like an alien or newborn piglet.
But, I prefer to say that I just have very distinct preferences.

I have good reason to be cautious with people. I was surrendered to the animal shelter by people who did not know how to properly care for a bunny. Consequently, the care I received was so poor that I had extremely painful and nearly fatal sores and abscesses all over my feet.The infections were so severe that it was questionable whether I would survive or not. I am now healed and doing GREAT!

My new bunny girl friend is named Millifiore. She is an incredibly loving and "motherly" rabbit who takes good care of me and helps me to feel safe.

Millifiore is a real survivor. A few months ago she was brought into an East Bay shelter with 12 babies. all but one were euthanized. She them had to have an eye removed , because of painful glaucoma and nearly died from a complication during surgery. But she survived. Not long after, she lost her sole surviving baby, Smalti, and she was devastated and grieving. She refused to eat and was extremely depressed. She met many suitors, but amazingly, she only had eyes for me. I needed her tender touch and motherly instincts and she needed someone to mother---so it was a perfect match. We are very bonded with each other and must be adopted together.

Even though I protest at first and may be a bit cranky when you first reach into my home, it's just an act. Once I am out and in your arms I absolutely melt and thrive on being loved. Millifiore is one of the most gentle , pretty rabbits you'll ever meet. Won't you please adopt us and give us the happy ending we deserve?

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