Status: Adopted on Jun 21 2007
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Foster Home

My foster mom is adopting me. We have a torrid love affair!

Hi. My name is Sean. I am a very small, furry boy who is recuperating at a foster home. I was brought to the shelter as stray with deep wounds all over my back that looked suspiciously like road rash from being thrown from a car.

Another bunny, Yoshi, was also found in the same area and SaveABunny has asked the shelter to investigate if there is rabbit cruelty occurring with rabbits being thrown from cars. I am the third rabbit this year with severe injuries like this and all of us came from the same shelter and general geographic area. Sammy, who has been adopted, was also gravely injured.

I am recovering very well and am a sweet and gentle rabbit. I was quite frightened at first, but now I am doing great. I will be available for adoption in mid-December, so please watch here for more information about me!

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