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Nov 3 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.

UPDATE 11/3/07
Candace just found her forever home as part of a loving group of 4 bunnies. Yeah for Candace!!!
UPDATE 10/16/07
Candace came back to SaveABunny in late August when her foster family moved back to France. Candace is doing very well and seems to not show any signs of illness.

She is picky about who she likes and ADORES Lisa, one of our volunteers who pampers her, but Lisa is not able to adopt Candace at this time.

If you are looking for a bunny who will appreciate and thrive with your love and tenderness, pick Candace!

Update 3/20/07
I wanted to give you a good news update on Candace the bunny who just landed in a GREAT foster home.
As you may or may not know, Candace the bunny, has an unknown mass in her chest and very likely has cancer. The X-rays show a mass and we decided not to spay her because of the risks and because her current health situation is so fragile (weight loss, etc). So, we wanted to find a way to give Candace a loving place to be pampered and treasured.

Cecile and her husband Antoine met SaveABunny's lovely and talented outreach volunteer Carly at a San Francisco SPCA outreach in January and applied to be a foster home. They are moving back to France in August and did not feel that they could commit to adopting a rabbit, so fostering seemed like the perfect fit.
Candace has a guarded prognosis, so we figured that she could go with Cecile and Antoine to live her days as fully as possible. We are relieved and very grateful that this special bunny girl has found such wonderful people to love and care for her! You can read more below:

>>> I just wanted you (and Lisa) to know that Candace is doing just fine at our place!
The good news is, my husband does not seem to be allergic to her hairs (and there are quite a lot so that's great!)

She's very curious about our apartment but likes to spend time under the tent, I guess it feels safe to her.
I was first afraid that she was not drinking water, but then I saw her do so this afternoon. She loves carrots and romaine, and tonight she'll have a slice of banana.
We're really amazed at her, she's soooo cute! We spent our Sunday watching her going around, kneeling down and calling her, making sure her cage was in the right spot (part carpet, part linoleum)... we're already very attached to her! We love when she's moving her ears around when she's interested in something ,and when she sits on her back paws ! >>>

Hello. My name is Candace. I am a big,pretty red-headed girl who is on the road to healing and recovery. I was found abandoned, starving and barely able to move on the campus of a local college in Oakland. I was taken to Oakland Animal services and given fluids, food and an emergency call was placed to SaveABunny for rescue assistance.

When I arrived at SaveABunny, my skin and fur was dull and had loose folds. My backbone was sticking up through my fur. I was so weak and dehydrated, I didn't have the strength to hold my ears up. The shelter staff had figured I was a lop-eared bunny because my ears hung to the ground. It took a few days for me to get my strength and energy back and I am still healing.

I am not yet available for adoption and will still need to be spayed when I am well enough to withstand surgery. What would be helpful is a medical foster home for me where I can be monitored and given lots of TLC. I used to be very depressed when I first came in to rescue and it was clear that I had felt abandoned by humans. I actually ADORE being snuggled and kissed and close my eyes in delight. You can feel my whole bunny body relax and settle in for love and pets. I also have a very girly and opinionated way about me that is charming.

If you have a place in your heart and your home for me for at least 3 months as a foster, please fill out a foster application form on this website.