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Mar 15 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

Hi! My name is Brownie and I am a now a very happy bunny for a whole lot of reasons! I am the gold lop girl and I am pictured above with my new silver hus-bun, Tommy. (Don't worry, we are both "fixed")

Though my story started off sad, with the help of the Girl Scouts of Santa Clara and SaveABunny, I have received the medical care I needed and also found my forever home!

I especially want to thank Brownie Troop #1221. Tracey and Shandra, the troop leaders and Brownies: Ember, Julia, Kaytlyn, Alyssa, Allie, Emma, Kayla, Ashley, Natalie, Jessica, Ashley, Claire, Elizabeth and Pascha for their very generous donation of $140.00. They worked very hard to raise this money through their Girl Scout Cookie sales and I am so grateful! Thank you Troop 1221 for your kindness, compassion and life-saving help! You make Girl Scouts everywhere proud. Congratulations!

I am originally from the San Jose shelter. I arrived at the shelter with a large growth on my lip. The shelter was not equipped to care for a special needs rabbit like me, so I was placed on the euthanasia list.

An adoption at SaveABunny freed up a space for me to go into rescue. At SaveABunny I received medication, TLC and the surgery I needed. I was spayed and the growth on my lip was removed and biopsied.

The tests revealed that the growth on my lip was benign,and not cancerous, which was great news! However, my prognosis is still guarded because when I was spayed during the same surgery, it was revealed that I had a uterine tumor, which was cancerous. While the tumor was removed, it may still have spread and we will not know for sure for many months.

In my honor, please tell everyone you know to spay and neuter their rabbits. Did you know that studies have shown that UNSPAYED female rabbits have an 80% chance of getting cancer by the time they are 3 years old?! By spaying your rabbit you save her life. I wish someone had done that for me sooner.

My life is now good and I feel very safe and loved. Thank you to Anissa for adopting me and to the Girl Scouts for their help!

My surgery cost a total of close to $800 at a discounted price, so donations are still needed and greatly appreciated. Your donations help us to cover our costs, which are not recouped by adoptions, and we can then help other special needs rabbits.

SaveABunny is very often the only rabbit rescue organization in the San Francisco Bay area that accepts injured or special needs rabbits, like me. Since SaveABunny relies on donations, adoption fees and revenue from ebay and Cafepress stores,I really hope you will support them by making a donation or shopping online though iGive, SaveABunny's ebay and cafepress stores.
For more information, please contact Marcy
You can make an online donation via Paypal at Donate via Paypal They take a 5% fee, but it is convenient. Or you can mail a check to SaveABunny, 514 Pineo Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94942.

Your can donate with the peace of mind that your donation is being used directly to help animals.