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UPDATE! What Do You Think About Travelers' Insurance Rabbit's Foot Ad?


We have been hearing lots of feedback---both positive and negative--- about an ad featuring rabbits being “reunited” with their amputated feet. Some people feel that the ad is upsetting to all who love bunnies and some people feel that it is a positive message that the foot belongs to a real live rabbit.

The commercial, directed by Tim Godsall of Biscuit Filmworks, is set in a lab where scientists are hard at work reattaching bunnies’ feet, severed in the name of a candy-colored lucky charm. “In recent months, we have been able to reattach thousands of lucky rabbit’s feet to their original owners,” a man in a white lab coat tells us, as the spot shows bunny after bunny with a colored foot successfully reattached. “Seems silly now, but generations of people actually depended on these for luck….. Now rabbits like this can lead full and productive lives," he continues, as buns hop, swim and race using their newfound footing. “We won’t rest until every foot is returned to its rightful owner.”

What do you think? Our focus as a rescue group and advocate for animals is to bring these issues to light and help educate people about rabbits as companion animals. We can honestly see both sides of this debate on this ad.

View the commercial here: