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Jan 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society
Foster Home

OK, let's get one thing very clear from the start. I am in charge. I am the boss and I will rule the house.
OK, now that the formalities are out of the way, let me tell you about myself and then maybe if you are lucky, I will tell you even more about me!

As you can see from my picture, I am quite a pretty girl--- thank you very much! I am a plush, very velvety spayed rex girl. Don't you agree that I am very elegant looking?

Here's a tip...agree. I might box at you if you disagree, or if you try to touch my stuff, or just in anyway at all displease me. The good news is that if you pass inspection and my high standards, you might be lucky enough to live with a gorgeous and spirited girl like me.

Think sports car...isn't a Ferrari more exciting than a minivan? So get with the program. Maybe I am a bit of a diva and high maintenance, but puleeze...where is your sense of adventure?

When only the best will do, be sure to choose me and then maybe, oh maybe, I'll pick you!