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Captain Bunny and Slick

Jul 13 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

We've been adopted!

Hi! My name is Captain Bunny. I am the larger black and white neutered boy on the right. My gray and white buddy, Slick, and I are looking for a forever home together. We are both very friendly, cute and have similar health issues. Both of us are e.cunniculi positive and tend to drink a LOT of water, which is our main symptom. So far, not a lot else seems to be an issue. We became a bonded pair here at SaveABunny. And yes, we are both neutered boys.We are very open-minded here at SaveABunny and the bunnies get to choose their own friend, which is the way it should be.

Here's a bit more info about me: I'm a cool, hip bun who knows how to have fun. I am super friendly, greet people at the door of my cage and LOVE to joke and play outside of my cage. I’m sort of like a dog really. I’m pretty easy to handle. I like to show off my skills by jumping on and off the couch, directly on to your lap.

Slick is e. cuuniculi positive and though he doesn't show too many symptoms any one who wants to adopt Slick needs to know that his liver enzymes are elevated and his health is has an unknown prognosis.

Slick is a super sweet bunny who deserves love and a forever home, so if you can adopt him knowing that his health is uncertain you will show a bunny what unconditional love really means!

Hi. My name is Slick and I am very eager to meet you. I'm a friendly, little neutered guy who is easy going and eager to be loved.

I am not demanding or cranky or even remotely fussy. I'm a nice little boy who just wants and needs to be loved and treasured. Nothing complicated or deep here. I'm patiently waiting for someone to discover me and bring me home to be their loyal companion. It's hard to tell how old I am and I could be anywhere from 2+ years to 5 or more years, it's really hard to tell.
This is one thing that I can promise matter what my age , I promise to love you for my whole life if you treat me right.

Please meet me soon. I want to go home.