Status: Adopted on Nov 11 2008
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted and have a new bunny girlfriend named Midnight!
Hi. My name is Thor. I am a very small, incredibly cute, neutered Netherland dwarf boy. I weigh less than two pounds, but what I lack in size, I make up for in cuteness and rabbitude!

I am a no nonsense guy who prefers to be treated with respect. As tempting as it may be to pick me up and walk around with me, I'd really prefer to be petted on the ground or to sit in your lap. That's why I might be a better choice for people without young children who might accidentally injure me with their enthusiasm.

I'm currently living in a group/warren with three of my bunny friends---Ralph and Annie. Gwen, another friend passed away ;-(

I am listed as a special needs rabbit because I have ongoing dental molar issues which will need to be monitored throughout my life.

The bottom line is that as cute as I am I would have been euthanized at the shelter I came from without rescue for my teeth. SaveABunny stepped forward to help me by saving my life and getting me the veterinary examination I needed.

Surgery to rescue a special needs rabbit like me can run several hundred dollars---usually over $300, plus the fees to spay/neuter. Therefore, SaveABunny is requesting that whoever adopts me please help by donating toward the expense of my care.

Donations to help pay for my veterinary care allow SaveABunny to continue to rescue other special needs bunnies like me that typically have no other rescue options and will be euthanized.

Thank you for helping to save me and the others with your generous donation. 100% goes to rabbit care.

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