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Jun 25 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Marin Humane Society
Private Rescue

Note from SaveABunny Founder:

Cody's story is the type that takes its toll not only the bunnies, but also on rescue people and volunteers. We only wish people would be more responsible and considerate.

Cody, the brown bunny above) was rescued from euthanasia at the 11th hour about 4 years ago. He was adopted several years ago. On a Saturday morning in May 2007 we received a call from his humans that they now had three kids and no longer had time or interest in Cody, and could they drive by right away to drop him off?

Since no one was here they went to the Marin Humane Society and tried to dump Cody there along with a now 5 year old bunny they bought from a pet store. They didn't want her anymore either. Their story changed many times over, including whether the bunnies were actually bonded or not. The wife said the bunnies fought with each other, then changed her mind. It was a mess.

So, Cody ended up back at SaveABunny and the other bunny named Charlie, is now available for adoption at Marin Humane Society. Both the staff at Marin Humane Society and the volunteers at SaveABunny closely watched both bunnies to see if they seemed to be in distress---just in case the bunnies had been bonded. Both bunnies seemed to be doing very well and so we placed Cody up for adoption and searched from someone who might be looking for a companion for their rabbit.

(The unfortunate reality is that a bonded pair of middle-aged bunnies that aren't especially friendly would be very hard to place. Charlie, now available for adoption at the Marin Humane Society is a spirited, 5 year old,spayed brown agouti girl. Please consider adopting her.)

Along came Kristina and her bunny, Sen (the black bunny above) and Cody was instantly smitten. Sen needed a little convincing, as well as some lessons in dating manners, but now Cody and Sen are deeply in love and Kristina can offer Cody the forever home he deserves. Cody has blossomed and now knows what true love and commitment means.

The children of the couple who dumped Cody and Charlie sadly missed the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson about not discarding pets.