Status: Adopted on Apr 12 2008
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Foster Home

I am in a foster home with my human "Helen". She is going to adopt me!
Hi. My name is Arthur and I reminded volunteers of the wise and patient King Solomon. I am a sweet, gentle old soul of a bunny boy who was recently rescued from a very bad situation at the San Jose shelter.

I am being treated for fur mites, which are not only painful, but has caused the fur on my ears to temporarily fall off and my ears to be sore and scabby.

I was depressed and had started to give up hope before I came to SaveABunny. I was on the euthanasia list, because of my ear mites and also because, I just look like I have had a rough time of it with my coarse fur and weary eyes.

The good news is that I am already starting to feel MUCH better and it won't be long until I am neutered and available for adoption. I am truly a sweetheart with so much love to share---you can see it in my eyes. I am inquisitive, slightly goofy and just a really nice boy.
I am glad to be alive.

Please meet me soon!

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