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Dec 1 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

I've been adopted and live with two other bunnies in Oakland-Thoreau, also from SaveABunny and Flower. I'm very happy!
Hi. My name is Calvin. I am a very sweet, little and cute, neutered dwarf mix guy. I am ready to love and am reaching out to you to see if you will adopt me and give me my forever home.

I don't ask for much---safety, tenderness and the comfort that I am deeply loved. I came to SaveABunny as a special needs rescue, because my teeth were overgrown and crooked. I needed dental surgery to remove all four of my incisors. It's not my fault. I was born this way.

Unfortunately, my malloclusion made me "unadoptable" at a regular shelter, but now my dental issues are taken care of and I am very close to as normal as any other bunny. In fact, I might even be a bit "better" than average, because I won't be able to chew your furniture like some of my bunny brethren have been known to do!

I am feeling SO much better now that I can eat and groom myself again. Yes, rabbits have back teeth, so when the front teeth are removed we can still live a very normal life. I just can't eat big chunks of food---they need to be sliced, but hay, pellets and greens are easy to eat.

Surgery to rescue a special needs rabbit like me can run several hundred dollars---usually close about $300, plus the fees to spay/neuter. Therefore, SaveABunny is requesting that whomever adopts me please help by donating toward the expense of the surgery .

Donations to help pay for my veterinary care allow SaveABunny to continue to rescue other special needs bunnies like me that typically have no other rescue options and will be euthanized.

Thank you for helping to save me and the others with your generous donation. All donations go to rabbit care.

Please visit me and maybe you'll decide that I am your special , littleman!


I'm currently living in a group/warren with Lavender, Stinson, Love Bug, Giselle and Georgette.

Though I am available for adoption as a solo bunny, I am so much happier now that I have friends around me ~~ especially the girls (wink, wink). Why not bring double the bunny joy to your home by adopting me with one of my friends? Or perhaps you'd like to adopt me as a friend for you spay/neutered rabbit?