Status: Adopted on Jun 20 2008
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted and now have a hus-bun, Rigby, also from SaveABunny.He recently lost his mate,Cloud, and though he was grieving we were able to connect and bond.
Ya, name is Inga and I am a pretty, spayed Dutch girl. I am the color of the richest cocoa and smoothest cream. Just beautiful. I'm also a smart girl who loves to run and be busy with projects.

My time is valuable to me and I want each moment to count. I divide my time between exploring how to escape whatever area I am in, munching on yummy greens and hay and strategizing my plan to run a major corporation---or something like that.

I am a bright girl with a strong, creative head on my shoulders. I don't suffer fools lightly and appreciate people who know what they want and aren't afraid to go for it.

Are you ready to be my partner in making each moment count and enjoying life for all it has to offer?

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