Status: Adopted on May 18 2008
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: San Jose ACC

My name is Burnett. I came in with a group of 5 neglected lops who obviously lived outdoors in a filthy wire bottom cage. My ear wounds are finally all healed up and the volunteers have given me a spa treatment to clean up my fur. I'm so ready to know what being loved can feel like. I've never had any rabbit toys, like willow balls and cured apple tree twigs so I'm ready to learn how to play again. I'm so happy to get dark leafy greens and plenty of healthy hay here at the shelter, but I am looking forward to finding my new life with a loving family. I'm working on my potty training, so please be patient with me. Set me up for success, by putting the litter box where I decide my toilet is going to be and putting my hay supply right next to it so I can eat and poop at the same time. Come for a meet and greet !

My ID number at the shelter is A576133

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