Status: Adopted on Nov 5 2008
Shelter of Origin: Marin Humane Society, Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
Location: SaveABunny

We've been adopted to a wonderful forever home. Our wish has come true!

Hi. We are Cole (little black boy bunny) and Copper (gorgeous brown Rex girl). We are a spayed and neutered bonded pair of bunnies who love each other very much and must be adopted as a pair. We have had a bit of a bumpy ride so far in our lives in that we have been moved from several different homes and shelters. We are lovely, quiet rabbits who long for a stable and loving place to call home for the rest of our lives.

We don't ask for much---a comfortable clean and safe indoor home, with fresh hay and greens and a person to love and treasure us. We will bring serenity and beauty into your home and you will have two bunnies to love you back.

We are a little shy at first, but once we settle in and know we are wanted we relax. We are ready for a real home, a forever home and don't want to be bounced around anymore.

Won't you please be the one who makes all our bunny wishes come true?

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