Status: Adopted on Oct 11 2008
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted...I have a wonderful forever family, and a husbun named Loopy. He's dreamy!
Hi. My name is Georgette and I am a spayed, BEAUTIFUL, blonde, lop eared girl. I am a thoughtful, sensitive bunny whose good looks may overshadow my need for gentle, loving touch and a quiet home. If I were a person, I'd be a super model whose secret passion is reading esoteric and classic literature. It's not that I am not playful, because I am. It's just that I am reserved at first and sort of have an air of sadness about me right now.

I arrived at San Francisco Animal Care and Control as a stray, so no one is really sure what my history is. Perhaps I am missing a beloved? The truth is that I need and want to be loved. I want to connect and longing for that deep connection.

I'm currently living in a group/warren with Lavender, Calvin, Stinson, Love Bug and Giselle. Perhaps you'd like to adopt me with one of my friends for ready made bunny family, or as a friend for you spay/neutered rabbit?

Though I am available for adoption as a solo bunny, I am so much happier now that I have loving friends around me. Why not bring double the bunny joy to your home by adopting me with one of my friends?

I'm a smart girl and have so much love to share. I just hope that you will visit me soon.

Love, Georgette

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