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Chocolate Chip and Fudge

Oct 31 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

We've been adopted!

Chocolate Chip & Fudge

We’re called Chocolate Chip & Fudge because we remind our human of ice cream. We sure are sweet. We are brother & sister & we really love each other, always grooming each other & snuggling side by side. We are young bunnies who love to explore. Give us something new & we’ll run right over to check it out. When our human comes by we like to run out & greet her, since we really like to be petted.

I’m Chocolate Chip, a neutered male with dramatic black & white markings. I always hold my ears at the cutest angle, which makes me so adorable. My sister is spayed & has the softest fur. So she is very nice to touch & pet.

If you’re interested in getting a bunny, be sure to get a pair, so we can keep each other company while you’re away. Then when you return, we’ll run over & make you feel like royalty. Or if you’d like a threesome, our Mom, Isabella, is also available for adoption. She has beautiful black & white markings like me & has now been spayed.

If you’re looking for bunnies who are curious about the world around them & like to explore every nook & cranny, then we’re the ones. Be sure to call soon, since we’d sure like to find a forever home as soon as possible.