Status: Adopted on Apr 24 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: Foster Home

I've been adopted by my foster mom...hooray! I'm one happy bunny!
UPDATE 7/17/08
Sinjon is back from foster and boy he looks great! Plus, he's been neutered.

His fur has grown back, he's put on weight and his attitude is happy and optimistic.
Sinjon is a great example of how important and helpful good fosters homes are in our rescue efforts.

When Sinjon first arrived at the SF animal shelter he was emaciated, depressed and would have been euthanized because he was not adoptable. We are very full and would not have been able to rescue him if a foster home was not available.


Sinjon is still being monitored ,because he drinks a lot of water, but overall he is a happy rabbit who is eager and ready to find his forever home.

Sinjon is a very sweet and weary, Holland Lop boy who was surrendered to the city animal shelter in bad shape after being neglected. He had urine scald, was underfed and very depressed. He is thriving in foster care, so watch this space soon for updates!

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