Status: Adopted on Aug 5 2008
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: Oakland Animal Services

Adopted by a very nice woman who came to the shelter in a matching all-black outfit! Congratulations Snowball!
Snowball is a tall, dark and handsome jet-black rabbit (ok, so maybe not so tall...) who will sit in your lap for hours to be pet...he gets so relaxed he leaves a little moist mouth spot! =)

Snowball is a lover boy, and would be a great first house rabbit. He would also make an excellent companion for a spunky or bossy rabbit (Snowball would be the groomer and bossy would be the groomee, I can see it now), or even with another lovey bunny.

He also does the most adorable rabbit binky jumps when he is out on the patio at the shelter where he can see other rabbits.

Snowball has excellent litterbox habits, and is just an all-around wonderful rabbit.

Check out Snowball's video and additional photos on his Petfinder page.

If you would like to meet Snowball, please come to Oakland Animal Services - see our website for hours and directions:

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