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Jul 13 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Oakland Animal Services

Bugs is a (don't make me say it... trying to resist... no... no!!!) rascally rabbit. (Doh! Sorry, couldn't help it, it's the name! I didn't name him that, um, someone else did! Of course, most people who adopt rabbits from us end up renaming them, so no worries if you end up calling him Snatchy, Tooth-gnasher or Boris. It's all good. Moving out of parenthetical now.)

Bugs is a friendly rabbit, who likes to play and is equally as snuggly, once he has had his daily exercise. He is high energy, very curious and loves playing with toys. He is definitely assertive and will tell you when he wants to be pet, when he wants to play and when he wants to get fed with a hearty nose nudge to your ankle if you are not paying attention to him. Although he can be pushy, he never crosses the line or gets aggressive, he is simply a clear communicator and knows what he wants.

Bugs is one of the long-term residents at the shelter, he has been with us for around eight months, so he is solidly litter box trained and knows when to expect his daily salad and exercise in the bunny run. He is a great bunny - he has just been waiting for the right home to come along.

Check out Bugs' video on his petfinder page.