Status: Adopted on Apr 19 2009
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: SaveABunny

I've been adopted! I now have a forever family and a new hus-bun named Ted. He's a sweet, handsome bunny man, and we're very happy together!
Hello. My name is Firenza and I am a very elegant and pretty spayed, apricot and white colored mini-rex girl with big doe eyes and GORGEOUS, plush fur. I am also a really nice girl who enjoys being with other rabbits as well as getting love and attention from people. Morocco, Bette Davis, Ethan, Pandora, Tempest, Gazelle and I live together and are great friends.

I came into Oakland Animal Services along with a large group of other bunnies. Sometime before I came to the shelter another bunny took a chunk out of my ear. It doesn't hurt or bother me, but for a while my ego was bruised. I had been perfect! Oh well, perfect looks aren't everything. I'm still gorgeous and I'm sweet, too.

I am a beautiful tender-hearted girl who would love to be adopted with one of my friends or as a companion to your bunny.

Please meet me soon!

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