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Dec 1 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

Beaumont has had the great fortune to be adopted by his foster parents along with Go-Go, another special needs bunny from SaveABunny they were also fostering. Good news for the bunnies (and us of course...,) but now we lost our best medical foster home!
Note from Marcy, SaveABunny Founder:

Beaumont is an English Lop bunny, which is a very unusual breed of rabbit that is bred to have extremely long ears that drape on the ground. He has a very distinct breeder tattoo in his ear, and looks like he has not lived a very good life. He is very thin and underweight. He is weak and has some trouble walking. Plus, he is dirty and has urine scald which we are treating. Maybe he outlived his usefulness as a breeder rabbit and was abandoned? All we know is that this special boy deserves better.

He is a large, very sweet and gentle bunny, but he is clearly in major need of some medical attention. He was scheduled to be euthanized at a local shelter and we were able to get him out at the last minute. However, we really need your help to get him the care he needs.

Beaumont is a lovely and loving boy who deserves to have his golden years be comfortable and clean. Please help us help Beaumont with a donation of any size.

We will update you on his condition as we learn more.

Thank you for caring!