Status: Adopted on Apr 11 2009
Shelter of Origin: Humane Society of Silicon Valley
Location: SaveABunny

I've been new person just couldn't resist all this softness & sweetness, so she took me home!

Hi. My name is Violet and as you can see, I am a gorgeous fuzzy lop girl. I came to SaveABunny for rescue because the person who had originally adopted me from the Humane Society of Silicon did not give me the daily grooming my long, silky hair requires and I became painfully matted.

Slowly, but surely SaveABunny volunteers are working to de tangle me and bring me back to my luxurious and radiant self. Hey, if you'd like to visit and help groom me, we'd all love to see you!

I am looking to find a special new home with someone who truly understands what is involved with caring for a rabbit like me. Yes, we are beautiful and exotic! We also need to have our little homes kept especially clean and be brushed and groomed EVERY day.

So, if you are a patient and organized person who is ready to bring a somewhat fragile and high maintenance new member into your family, please visit me soon!

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