Status: Adopted on Dec 1 2008
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: Foster Home

I'm being adopted by my foster mom!
My name is Milkshake. I'm an outgoing medium sized bunny boy who has earned by name by being sweet, soft, and cool underpressure. I'm a refreshing treat, says my foster mom. I'm active and playful. I love to dance around with by binky moves. I'm an explorer and have little fear. Pick me up easily. I'm good with children as well since I have such a gentle nature. I'm working on my potty training and I've almost completely got it down. I'm nearly a perfect bunny boy.

My only flaw, is that I have a severe malocclusion of the front teeth. I was pulled out of the shelter by SaveABunny because my bottom teeth had started to poke into my upper lip. This was terribly uncomfortable. It went hungry because of this. My previous owner didn't know that bunnies like me need to see a vet regularly to get my teeth trimmed so I could eat properly. Instead of taking me to the vet they just let my teeth break off periodically and inconsistently. I was a bit on the skinny side because of that. The good news is that I'm getting surgery to have my front teeth removed! That way I can eat most anything, but it'll have to be in smaller pieces so that I don't get frustrated trying to chew it.

My surgery will cost $500. We need to raise the funds before I can have this done. You can help me be somebody's perfect indoor companion bunny. Thanks for caring about the bunnies.

Binkies and Love, Milkshake.

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