Status: Adopted on Mar 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: San Jose ACC

My name is Tasia. I'm a beautiful white bunny who is confident and strong willed. I have pretty ruby colored eyed that look like lovely jewels on white velvet. I love to explore and jump and will keep you entertained with my antics. I enjoy a good nap as well. I'm working on my potty training so I can be a good indoor companion bunny. Come visit me and let get to know wonderful me!

The San Jose Animal Care Center’s adoption fee is $20 for a spayed/neutered and microchipped rabbit. Your new bunny's first vet visit is included in the adoption fee. Please promote spaying and neutering of pets to avoid overcrowding and euthanasia in shelters. Check out for more details. The website may not have all the bunnies currently available so be sure to stop by.

3/2009 - Update ! I've been adopted by a special bunny adopter who trains therapy bunnies. I have a new bunny friend too. Check out my handsome rabbit bunny, Polaris. Thanks, SaveABunny!

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