Status: Adopted on Jul 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: SaveABunny

Hello. My name is Danica and I am a very cool rabbit. Not everyone understands me or appreciates what I have to say, but that is their loss. I am a smart and sensitive. I might appear tough, but that's only a facade.

I spent most of my young life growing up in an animal shelter, so my social skills are not so good, but you can teach me. When I trust you I melt and am a sweetheart. I just need to be with someone who is patient and willing to to show me that I am loved.

I'm a big, beautiful girl who is pretty inside and out if you are willing to see. Please visit me soon!

I am pictured here with a very cool fused glass dish made by the SaveABunny founder to help raise funds to rescue rabbits in need, like me. This dish has been sold, but you can purchase other works of art at SaveABunny's Etsy store. SaveABunny's Etsy Store

Shop to Save A Bunny! - Reflection of Compassion Notecards (Aijo-no-kagami) Set 0f 5

"Reflection Of Compassion" is a lovingly commissioned series of original watercolor and gouache illustrations created especially for SaveABunny Rabbit Rescue by artist Elizabeth Koval Maffeo. (All images copyright 2008 SaveABunny. All rights reserved.)