Status: Adopted on Feb 19 2009
Shelter of Origin: Oakland Animal Services.
Location: Oakland Animal Services

We have been adopted by a nice family that is eager to take us home! After our neuters next week, we get to go home! Yay!
Bosco: I am a handsome, gentle rabbit. I love to be held and petted. Plus, I am a beautiful dancer - you should see me binky! I have soft, chocolatey fur and cute fluffy cheeks.

Chase: I am a playful bunny boy - I love chasing after my rabbit friends and doing wild bunny zooms. I am sweet and affectionate but also active and fun. I have a classic rabbit look, don't you think?

We are best friends and brothers, and we want you to adopt us together! We think adopting two rabbits is great because then we'll never be lonely while you're at work or school.

We are waiting for you at the Oakland Animal Shelter, so no need to email or anything if you want to meet us, just come on down and visit! You can find directions and hours on our website. The adoption fee for us together is $75.

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