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Apr 18 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Palo Alto Animal Services
Foster Home

I've been adopted! My foster mom is going to miss me, but we're both happy that I've found such a wonderful forever home!

From Chavonne's foster parents:

Chavonne is a sweet, curious and attention seeking little bunny. She can be energetic and dance around for hours, but she is equally as happy relaxing in her cage on top of her cardboard box.

When she is out Chavonne loves to explore all corners of her play space, often standing on her back feet to get a better view of the area. She can also be mischievous and likes to wiggle into small spaces or stealthily search for an escape over the couch to uncharted territory.

Chavonne also has endless love to share with the lucky person who adopts her. She appreciates when you lay down at her level to pet her or give her kisses. Chavonne also enjoys laying on her foster mom or dad's chest with her head under their chin, and has delighted in this for hours while watching television or a movie.

We are moving out of the area and are unable to adopt Chavonne or we would keep her all to ourselves!