Status: Adopted on Apr 1 2009
Shelter of Origin: San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Location: SaveABunny

Hi. My name is Odessa.
I am a stunning, spayed, New Zealand Black bunny girl. I have jet black fur with just a glimmer of silver ticking. I am quite lovely.
When I arrived at San Francisco Animal Care and Control I was very scared and not feeling quite right. I was sneezing and would also hide and box at people

Now that I have been spayed and am being cared for at SaveABunny, I feel much calmer and actually enjoy being with people. I love being petted and talked with. I also feel much better and am not sneezing any longer.

The bigger bunnies like me often have a harder time finding homes than the littler bunnies. Sadly, many people mistakenly think that small rabbits are somehow cuter or easier. But that's just not the truth!

I only wish people would take the time and make the commitment to adopt one of us bunnies based on our personalities, not just how little or "cute" we may seem. We bigger bunnies are so sweet and
really don't require more work or much more space than a small rabbit. We get discriminated against and euthanized for no reason other than we are not tiny bunnies,
Some of the nicest bunnies you'll ever meet are the big bunnies.
Please open your heart and homes to help and love us!

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