Status: Adopted on Mar 29 2009
Shelter of Origin: Private Rescue
Location: SaveABunny

I've found my forever home...the Good Samaritan that originally spotted me in the hills has fallen in love with me and adopted me. I'm a happy boy!

Hi.My name is Hobbes. I am a super cute, little gray neutered boy who is now safely resting at SaveABunny after a near death experience. I am so sweet and gentle that it is hard to imagine why someone would want to do me harm.

Someone dumped me off in a wooded area in the hills of the San Francisco Peninsula where I was spotted by a Good Samaritan. He was unable to catch me, so a SaveABunny volunteer came to help and miraculously she persuaded me to come with her. I was tired, cold and very hungry with fleas jumping off my tiny body. They had bitten me really badly on my ears and under parts and it was really painful.

I am safe now and recovering at SaveABunny where in addition to love and safety I have been cleaned up and treated for fleas and sores. Right now you can see in my eyes that I am tired and need a little time to heal.

If you know of anyone who thinks it's OK to "set a bunny free" like someone did to me, please tell them that it is a very cruel thing to do. I was terrified of being killed and eaten by a mountain lion, coyote or hawk and could easily have starved to death as well.

Being "set free' was no life for a loving, little boy like me.

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