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Here's what Elijah's foster mom wants to tell you about little Elijah...

"What a sweetheart this young bunny is!

Elijah has had a rough start, so he's smart enough to be wary of the unknown. However, once he trusts you, his shy nature begins to shed. Soom, his fun, comical, curious and lovable spirit emerges.

Elijah really wants to be loved and relishes in gentle human touch. You can see his self-esteem and confidence rise as he shyly asks for more.

The person who adopts this beautiful little guy will be one lucky human, and will be in for sweet surprises as Elijah's confidence grows.

Please give Elijah the happy ending he truly deserves!"

Elijah was attacked by a cat and now has limited vision in one eye,and full vision in the other eye. He runs, jumps, plays and does almost anything any other rabbit can do, so please don't let his injury become a deterrent in meeting him.

You will want to monitor his eye every few months with a rabbit-savvy veterinarian, as well as have his teeth checked. One of his back teeth recently needed to be trimmed, possibly as a result of the injury he sustained from the cat.

Elijah is a young and delightful bunny with a lifetime of possibility to love and blossom.

Please adopt him and give him that chance to be your pampered house rabbit.