Status: Adopted
Location: HRS

Hi. We are Adam and Eva, a small, cute, bonded pair of spayed/neutered dwarf rabbits. I'm Adam, the little white bunny and my wife, Eva, is the beautiful little tan and white girl.

Here's what our foster parents want you to know about us!

"Adam and Eva are very special bunnies. Not only are they storybook-adorable (think Alice in Wonderland and Peter Rabbit)--they are also extremely intelligent. Adam is the organized and sensible one of the pair. He loves playing with his activity toys and has definite preferences as far as arranging them. His smaller toys have a way of ending up inside his wicker basket. Imagine a bunny who cleans up after he finishes playing! He enjoys being brushed and doesn't mind sitting in my lap for his daily beauty routine.

Eva is quite an escape artist. I have caught her twice outside her x-pen, and once on the 3rd bookshelf of the bookcase--which is about 6 times her height. She is very feisty and adventurous when left to herself, even though she is shy around humans.

Adam and Eva are very devoted to each other--just looking at them snuggling can make you melt. They are very gentle and private creatures though, and like to have a lot of personal space. We are very attached to them and will wait as long as it takes to find a patient and caring human friend for them. These two little fluffballs are a joy to be around if you appreciate bunnies' just being themselves."

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