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Foster Home

Hi. My name is Carmen. I am a gorgeous, active and busy, spayed girl with a silvery, misty gray coat.
I'm also neat and tidy and have very good litter box habits. I may also do well as a companion for another rabbit.

Here's what Carmen wants you to know about her:

Dear Marcy--My foster mom says you need
to hear about my antics so that you can
add to my writeup.
I wait for her to come into 'my kitchenevery morning and then I leap up onto the top of the xpen. Boy, does that get her attention. Even the cat responds by coming over. I get picked up and loved and then talked to and fed. I love it.

A few times she had left the door open
to where 5 other bunnies are housed and
I ran over to each of them and get them
worked up--ha-ha-ha. I would love to find a human to love/entertain permanently. Love, Carmen