Status: Adopted
Location: SaveABunny

A message from Benji and Callista's family:

"We adopted Benji first, and quickly fell in love with him. He became a wonderful addition to our house. But we felt guilty when we had to leave him alone during our sometimes long wordays. Despite some initial reservations about having two lagomorphs in the house, we decided to try bonding him with another bunny. We instantly fell in love with Callista, and so did Benji. After a week they were successfully bonded. They cuddle, groom, and play together. The feeling of watching these two rabbits bond has been indescribable. Callista was born with an undeveloped eye that sometimes leaks fluid. Benji has learned to faithfully clean that eye. Now, we can't imagine having only a single bunny. We strongly encourage anyone who wants to adopt a rabbit, to consider adopting two. It's a little more litter, but--dare we say it ?--a lot more love."


kent, stephanie, and the menagerie

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