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Barnaby and Cristobel

Barnaby and Cristobel
Foster Home

Hi. We are Barnaby and Cristobel, an adorable girl/boy bonded pair (spayed/neutered). (I'm Barnaby--the handsome, gray bunny and Cristobel is the pretty, gray and white girl) Ours is a classic love story filled with drama, loss, separation, and reunion.

We were both abandoned on a dreary night in dfferent night drop boxes at Berkeley Animal Services. No information was left about us. Cristobel was very injured. She had a prolapse, high fever and was in labor, but unable to deliver. She was rushed into emergency surgery and almost died. Sadly, to save her life, an emergency spay was needed and her babies did not survive.

I was put up for adoption at the shelter and just waited to see what my fate would be.

Our foster mom from SaveABunny came back to the shelter to get me as well, because her intuition told her that it was possible that Cristobel and I were a bonded pair who had been split up, but maybe no one knew since no information was left about us.

After Cristobel recovered, she and I had a chance to meet again and we were both so happy! Cristobel had been lonely, sad, and angry at humans and other bunnies until she and I were reunited. It was instant love all over again.

We are so happy to be back together. We love each other very much and must be adopted together. We are soulmates.

We are both very friendly, healthy and happy bunnies and would love to be a part of your family. Please adopt us soon!