Status: Adopted
Location: SaveABunny

HI. My name is Peanut Butter. I am a very sweet and friendly fuzzy, lop bunny.

I just came from living with a family that loved me, but did not know how to properly care for me.

I have long,angora fur that needs to be brushed daily and I had not been brushed for a year and a half, so I was very dirty and matted.

I also had a golf ball size abscess in my chin area, and was scheduled to be euthanized, because my family could not treat me.

I was fortunate to receive the emergency surgery I desperately needed to drain and treat the wound on my chin. I was also shaved to remove the matted fur (picture to come) and am recuperating from surgery from my abscess.

My surgery was very expensive and donations of any size are urgently neeeded to cover the cost and would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, we need to raise at least $500 for my care ...

I also really need a loving, experienced foster home where I can go for TLC and to recuperate for a few weeks. I will need shots of Penicillin every other day, and oral medicine for pain and antibiotics every day for two to three weeks. Medicine will be provided.

Then I will need to go back to the vet for my check-up in about two weeks. I will also need to be neutered in a few weeks when I am healthier.

I am hoping that you will consider being my foster home and help nurse me back to health. I am really a loving bunny who is fortunate to have had a second chance.

Thank you for caring about me!
Peanut Butter's IncisionPeanut Butter Shaved

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