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Hi. My name is Emily. I was rescued from a neglectful situation in Livermore. Ahhh, it's true... the simple things in life are really the best. Yummy food, snuggles and clean, cool water.

Here's what my new guardians want you to know:

"Hi, just wanted to let y'all know about a happy love story-- Rustle and Emily are VERY happy together. After carefully folowing your suggestions and some encouragement from other bonders on the web, after just 6 days they could not stand to be apart. they would flop down on either side of the fenceing, touching fur through the links. And so now they both are ranging free in the apartment, and Rustle has taken on a much friendlier, touch accepting mellow attitude.
Thanks for all your help and know that Emily is quite happy seeming!"

Elissa, Rustle, Emily, Mary Kate, and Jennifer