Status: In Memoriam
Location: SaveABunny

Hi Marcy,

As we spoke about, I wanted to let everyone know that our older gent, Scotty has passed on as of last Wednesday due to acute Kidney failure. Dr. Scheenstra and Dr. Bacon confirmed through x-rays that he had calcified kidneys and no more did we hear that than he passed on the day after. He missed moving to our new house by one day! We have buried him in our new garden though and he has a lovely tree and a little memorial house with his bunny toy next to it. We will so miss our little bunny man…..we love our other bunnies, Cristobel and Barnaby, but Scotty was truly unique…..he was our little love-bunny. He had such a little air about him….such poise and yet he was extremely affectionate. He would run up to us and sit with us like a little dog almost. We feel good about the fact that although he only had about 7 or 8 months with us, during that time he truly flowered and truly had some fun with us. For those from the volunteers who might remember him, he had somewhat wasted looking hindquarters. Well after several weeks of pampering with us and running up and down our stairs, his hind-quarters filled out and his fur turned a lovely pure white. You haven't lived until you've seen a grown man down on the floor nose to nose with a smallish bunny, but that is the kind of devotion Scotty inspired. He would also inspire the craziest names from us and we would find ourselves calling him the little "Bun-u-lon" and the ever favorite "bun-man"……bun-u-rific….anyhow he will be missed and we will picture him off running through a perfect bunny meadow. Thanks again.

Beth Sullivan

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